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"Kind & Generous Champions, Inside & Outside the Ring"

When youth become passionate about something healthy, unhealthy behaviors reduce.

Boxing has always taught fundamental skills like resiliency, work ethic, regulating emotions + more. At West City Boxing we combine the sport of boxing with ‘best practice’ youth development from experienced, qualified youth-workers.

“We help young people find a place to belong where they are challenged to be the best version of themselves “

Our Story


In 2011, Matt was a youth worker at Zeal, a local youth Centre based in Henderson, when a group of youth from a couple of local street gangs started attending the youth centre. At a loss of how to engage these young people in pro social activities, Matt with his experience in boxing decided to start a boxing program. He thought at the very least, after a boxing session they would be too tired to get into trouble. Little did he know the effect it would have on these young men. As these guys slowly but surely started to turn their lives around, this grew a dream for Matt to one day dedicate his time to running a Youth Development / Boxing Gym in West Auckland.

In 2017 Matt (now the CEO of Zeal Education Trust) was approached by Sergeant Thompson from the Waitakere Police. Thompson discussed the Police’s interest in having a youth boxing gym established in West Auckland similar to the Naenae Boxing Academy that had received good publicity due to its work in the community in Lower Hutt. He knew Matt via Matt’s many years of youth development in West Auckland and that Matt had previously run a successful boxing program from ZEAL. Little did Thompson know; Matt’s long held dream to open a youth development boxing academy in West Auckland.

In Late 2018 Matt left Zeal to start the West Auckland Boxing Academy (now called West City Boxing) along with 2 of those youth that came in to Zeal all those years ago, now with their lives turned around and with a passion to give back to the community. Levi was one of those boys, then living under a bridge at the age of 15. Now a young man with a wife and kids, keen to help young people avoid the path that he started going down. Niwa was the other boy who when he started the boxing program in 2011 was already gaining a bad reputation with the local police, now a father, passionate boxer / Youth Worker and friend to the young people that attend West City Boxing.


The West Auckland Youth Development Trust (WAYDT), a registered charity, was formed in late 2018 to govern and fund the activities of the West Auckland Boxing Academy, Now West City Boxing (WCB). With the goal of a strategic youth boxing facility, WCB was established and has become operational in West Auckland from June 2019. WCB operates to assist local youth through its programmes combining the sport of boxing with comprehensive, best practice youth development.
There is a need for increased resilience, capability and self-determination for our young people. Our programme has a focus point each week to help them with their personal development. Young people develop the skills, and confidence to determine their own solutions to issues and achieve their aspirations. This is evidenced by the absence or decreased incidence of such things as unbridled anger, violence, criminal activity, addictions, disrespect for authority and mistrust of others.

Meet the team


Founder / Head Coach / CEO

Masters in Social Practice (MSOP)

NZBCA Level 2 Amateur Boxing Coach

Cherie Brown's

Business Manager

Graduate Diploma NFP Management Cert Public Health


Operations Manager / Coach / Mentor

NZBCA Level 1

Amateur Boxing Coach


Coach / Mentor / Youth Worker

Exercise Consultant Level 3 Personal Training Level 4 REPS Registered

Sena Jahan-Beckam

Sena Jahan-Beckam

Coach / Youth Work Intern

Certificate in Youth Work

Current boxer 67kg Elite

Sebastian Grey

Mini Cadet Coach

2022 54kg

National Champion

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Competitor Profiles

NameWeight(D.O.B), Age/Classification Gender
Bouts/Wins/Loss/drawsChampionship Bouts & Achievements
Sebastian Grey59
06/09/08, 14yrs, JuniorMale13 - 11 - 1 - 1 Exh
Canterbury Championships 2022 54kg Male Cadet open Champion
North Island Golden Gloves 2022 54kg CM Silver medal
Auckland Championships 2022 54kg CM champion
NZ National Championships 2022 54 kg CM champion
Sena Jahan - Bekam69Kg20/04/04, 18yrs, YouthMale5 - 2 -3 - 0Named West City Boxing Team Captain
Livingstone Lesatele100kg+02/09/04, 18yrs, YouthMale2 - 1 - 1 - 0Team from NZ to compete in Tahiti 2022
William Webster80kg12/08/06, 16yrs, YouthMale3 - 1 - 2
Arius Percival86kg 15/12/04, 17yrs, Youth Male7 - 2 - 5
Crystal Kainamu67Kg05/10/06, 16yrs, YouthFemale2 - 0 - 0 - 2Exh
Kava-Jade Peihopa67Kg24/09/07, 15yrs, JuniorMale 3 - 1- 2 - 0
Matthew Arnold63Kg02/10/06, 15yrs, JuniorMale0
Cinton Selesele100+ kg27/07/04, 18yrs, YouthMale1 - 0 - 2 - 0
Noah Webster63kg22/02/08, 14yrs, CadetMale2 - 1 - 2 - 0
Byron Bell63kg26/07/05, 17yrs, YouthMale0
Jazariah Opetaia Ekeroma55kg26/10/10, 12yrs, CadetFemale0


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